It is requiredby law for  employes to have all the correct information about the individual employment contract he / she celebrates with his or her employees, because otherwise he / they may not meet  the requirements that clearly state the working conditions, ie the duration of the contract Legal breaks, salary and how to fix it, and
All, the duration of the contract. In addition, the employer may be fined by labor authorities if this document is missing. The lack of the document does not favor the employer, because the  Labor Law, says that if the contract does not exist, the worker will nevertheless have his rights guaranteed. On the contrary, the employer is guilty of not having drafted in writing and not having given a copy of the document to the employee.
The Labor Contract is the document that is celebrated between employer and worker and that contains the most important base of the service provision, such as day, salary, legal breaks and the other rules that will govern the bond between one contracting contractor and the other .The Contract of work is a writing signed by the employer and the worker, which is made in duplicate and a copy is delivered to each one of them. The contract specifies working conditions.