The physicians who carry out the Medical Recycling and Updating Program, aim to update their clinical knowledge with a broad vision of all the specialties, new practical experiences, knowledge of the current health care network, review their skills and competences, improve their working conditions and Expand your Network.

All of them have a common goal and it is the need for CHANGE and IMPROVEMENT, it is the voluntary and responsible awareness of recycling and integral improvement, a good seed of future compulsory accreditation.







If you are currently working, you do not have time for the classroom training or you can not move to one of our centers spread over the Spanish geography, we offer you the option of attending the course of Assistance to Clinical Care in Veterinary Centers (ATV) remotely.Who said distance learning is boring?From USS SERVICE we make it easy, in the shortest possible time you will arrive at your home all the material necessary for the study is fun and fun, to achieve that from the first day you “hook” the profession of ATV and you are able To advance every day to achieve your dream: To be a great professional of the veterinary attention and to work in the centers of reference of the sector. In addition, you will have a professional veterinarian who will accompany you throughout the training, being you who manage your time according to your possibilities.

Internships are an important and complementary part of your training, you will have 100 hours of internships in collaboration centers, but if you need us to make an agreement for you, we will provide it in your city or the closest to it.

Do not miss without your Master’s degree! For this we have launched our distance training specialization courses so you can complete your training and be the best ATV, performing the advanced exotic animals and ethology, animal training and veterinary surgery.