We travel great distances every day to connect people and businesses around the world.


We do it by delivering packages, documents and cargo with the utmost care and attention – because we know how important each of your shipments is to you and your customers.Whatever it is that you need to send, we take it personally. We keep your client and you connected, from the moment your driver picks up your shipment, until the local USS SERVICE contact of your client delivers it.We are able to do so thanks to our integrated door-to-door delivery network.And if your industry also has special needs, we will be able to cover them. You can rely on us to do things right while you focus on growing your business.

We are very proud of our network and our technology, but, after all, we know that who makes it possible are people, their people and ours.


Your USS SERVICE customer service contact knows you, and knows your business and needs. And he or she is connected to other USS SERVICE people whose mission is to grow their business by worrying that all their documents, packages and cargo arrive at their destination. All this overcoming the barriers of borders, distance, cultures, language and currency.


Connect people and their businesses around the world, helping them, and growing your business. This is what we do.


At USS SERVICE, we understand that the quality of the relationship with your customers is as important as meeting the commitment of delivery. We all have customers, but at USS SERVICE we also interact with people who work for clients. They are people who appreciate having special attention and true care and respect.This is what creates a relationship of quality and trust that is gratifying for all and good for business. And that’s how we see and behave.