Network Installation



We install the entire network infrastructure to provide each job with voice, data and electricity.


Whether you need to design the entire network, or expand or relocate some points, we give solution to your needs. We study each case to offer you the solution that best suits your needs and your pocket.

We make all our network cabling with the best material to provide the maximum speed possible to each job.
Our solutions are turnkey, we supply and install all the necessary components, rack cabinet, network electronics, wiring and we finish in each job.

In each workstation we installed the type of box and the mechanisms that the position requires, RJ45, USB, HDMI, VGA, etc. As far as the type of box to be installed in each workstation, we have a great variety of solutions, to fix wall, floor or table. We work with all the major brands. Simon, Bachmann, Legrand, Unex, …

The network cabling is done by installing the channel or by using the

Office infrastructure.

The wiring can be done by the floor if it is technical, by the ceiling if it is false, with channel by the wall or by the tube if it is viable.

We have different solutions for the last stretch
Of the installation but perhaps the most important since it is the section that is used to carry the cables to each job.

We propose different solutions so that nobody is affected by any cable, each workstation can be attacked from the ceiling, from the ground or from the wall.

For each type of arrival to the post we use different solutions:

Columns from ceiling to floor, grommets from ceiling to table or grommets from floor to table, wall-mounted from the wall.

Once the cables in the workstation we integrate the box that best adapts.