USS is the only licensed Canine Security Company in Equatorial Guinea

USS SERVICE: “passion for dogs”

USS SERVICE is a company that offers canine training services. Trainers, Canine Behavior Specialists and Behavior Modification experts will accompany you throughout your dog’s life.

Our objective, through canine education, is to train the owners and the dog from the moment he or she arrives home, to avoid that in the future appear behavioral problems that hinder the coexistence and happiness of the family and their pets. We train dogs to be socially competent. If your dogs are happy, you will be happy too.


Our commitment to the client does not end when we finish the training with your dog, but we will provide support and follow-up if necessary during the whole life of the animal. We advise you on everything related to it, not only in terms of your education, behavior and training needs, but also the most appropriate material according to your needs, your food, your sports activities most recommended according to personality and Skills of your dog, we will recommend the best professionals for your health and beauty, etc.


With our help you can get your dog to be something more than that pet that you want, but that on many occasions makes it difficult to live together.

We also often dogs to guard your business.