Private transport service



At USS SERVICE, we have the best private transportation services either by car, minibus, bus or van or similar.Our private drivers are genuine professionals.
It is the perfect option to save money on transfers.

An exclusive service that will be waiting for you, and will take you where you want to, without additional waiting.
It is the fastest and most comfortable transport for a small group of up to 4 people.
If you need a transfer with more than 4 seats, your most appropriate option will be the private minibus.
Private minibus.
Private transport for small or medium groups that go together for an event, for vacations, etc.
The driver, a qualified professional will pick you up at the collection point and agreed time and will take you to the destination.
It has the advantages of traveling privately and the price of traveling in groups.
Private bus.
In this case, for groups of up to 50 passengers and with an operation equal to that of the private minibus.

Remember, for transfers, you have the trust of a good reliable private driver.



Since 2001 we have only reported one accident with no inquiry to either driver or our client British citizen Colin Elder